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crushtor, post: 199746 wrote:
If you are running a B2B or unsexy niche business that will attract only a tiny, hair-thick slice of the population, you may well toss your money down a deep, dark well. Fashion, food and fast moving consumer goods do well on Facebook. (Notice they all start with F?) Other businesses like industrial rope (for example) tend not to. These big ticket business items are probably better suited to LinkedIn. It’s a business network, after all.

To a big degree, I’d say that you’re spot on with this comment but there are some exceptions to that rule, which gives some hope for businesses that don’t fall into any of categories that you’ve name checked.

As an example, Maesk Line are a shipping container company (which surely falls into the “unsexy” category that you’d expect to be really unappealing on Facebook!) but have managed to amass 1.5 million + fans and typically get hundreds or even thousands of comments per post. They’re proof that with some creativity, “unsexy” brands could make Facebook work for them, although obviously it won’t work for everyone.