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IncomeShield, post: 199876 wrote:
As an example, Maesk Line… have managed to amass 1.5 million + (Facebook) fans and typically get hundreds or even thousands of comments per post. They’re proof that with some creativity, “unsexy” brands could make Facebook work for them, although obviously it won’t work for everyone.
Hi IncomeShield,

1. Comment Numbers
I’m confused, where are your “hundreds or even thousands” comment numbers coming from? I went back 3 months and top comment number I saw was 63. (A post about rescuing a boat load of refugees.)

My impression was that most comment numbers in that time seemed to be less than 20.

2. Engagement
The site’s publicly available engagement report shows:

Most engaged
18-24 year olds
City: Mumbai, India

Like ShellSews, I wonder what marketing value/communications objectives are being achieved here?

Is it simply brand awareness?

If so, I wonder what value 20 year old Mumbai residents are?

The 9k “talking about” numbers are so low that most could have been generated by an SEO/social media company. That could be one explanation for the “most engaged” report. (Cynical old me. :o)

No wonder people have trouble assessing a return on investment for many Facebook investments.