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Base Legal, post: 198866 wrote:
Hi James

The Corporations Act states that a company must display “its name prominently at every place at which the company carries on business and that is open to the public”. It is an offence if that provision is breached.

The reference to ‘its name’ would seem to be the standard that is expected to be met.

I hope this helps.


There are only so many words in the english language, what do we do when the population keeps growing, more business are starting up, and all forms of names and their derivations are taken? At least on the internet there are a variety of TLD extensions… .com, .tv, ,net, etc. I just find it really limiting when the word that perfectly expresses my business can’t be used in any sense.

Trademarks let you TM the same word in 27 (I think) different categories. But only 1 Aussie can have the business name.

I really don’t know what to do about this. To everyone that says “think of a different name”, I say, do that for your kids. When the name fits, it fits.