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IncomeShield, post: 199241 wrote:
Hi, only just seen this! Yes, I was talking solely about organic reach for Facebook posts, as you suspected. Probably should have been a bit clearer but as the original post was to do with Facebook, I’d hoped it would more obvious. Apologies for any confusion caused!
Hi All,
My appologies for my confusion. I see “organic” and “paid” and I assume they are referencing search engine searches.

An article reporting a survey on the topic has just been published:

10 Sep 14: Paid Social Ads Convert More Customers

“The digital marketing world has been abuzz for months about Facebook’s dialing-down of organic brand content in the average user’s newsfeed”

The article goes on to report paid versus organic for Facebook network conversion rates were found to be 3.1% vs 3%. (Hardly what you’d call a dramatic difference.)

Again we have research that suggests social tends to be a group of media that are more useful for communicating with existing customers rather than attracting new ones.

“Social works well as the first or only touch when it’s effectively ‘reminding’ you to make an impulse purchase you already planned on making at some unspecified point in the future,” suggested Jeff Zwelling, CEO and co-founder at Convertro. “And social tells you, in the case of subscriptions, for example, that other people have tried and liked it, and gives opportunities for strong offers like ‘first month free.’”