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Gizmo, post: 199840 wrote:
Hello Andy,

Wow sounds like you have had some clients with real painful issues.

The factory reset problem sounds like an issue. We never had that but I think that’s because we recommend our own modems/routers and offer the customer support on that too.

The only time we have seen painful issues for our clients is in rural areas. We have learnt our lesson there, so now we are prepared for those should they arise and know how to have them rectified.

digressing from the original point here.. but that particular client have a server that provides dhcp and dns. the server had failed, and they hadn’t noticed (clearly a highly used server) so dns wasn’t working and they had no internet.

The telstra tech did what was more or less the right thing in that scenario and took them back to scratch.

this was one of those telstra Thompson modems.. :)