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ChezinOz, post: 199989 wrote:
Thanks JJ, that is really useful information!

So did you have labels printed here in Australia and then send them to the supplier to attach to their products?

So basically, whatever information is missing from the overseas packaging will need to go on to a custom printed label.

I’m thinking I might need to get my suppliers to send me a few product samples!

You definitely want to get the supplier to do the work for you. You can’t afford to unload the container, open every carton and put sticker on every item, and then restack onto pallets. I’ve had to do it in the past because the supplier stuffed up on the labelling. Believe me, it’s sooooo time consuming and frustrating! It could take you days to do it all, where you want to be selling instead.

Oh.. one more thing I should add to the list I had… storage instructions too, before and after it’s opened.