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Thanks Paul

Turns out there was a script on the server that was sending out malware, according to our host: “it’s been removed and the server is being scanned for more. It’s a hard one to specifically guard against as these scripts are installed by scripts themselves and are constantly changing.”

Once the server is clear it will take up to 5 days to recover its reputation. In the mean time I’ve set up a direct connection from our computers email program to the server so we are getting mail now. Didn’t even know this was possible — amazing what you can learn when you have to!

I now get what you say about hosting and email all on one server, will look into the email hosting you suggest. Our host suggests setting up a gmail account and forwarding to that but I guess there might be blocking issues there if this happens again.

Great to have your response: helped me with this steep learning curve of the last few days! Cheers.