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SimplyReplica, post: 206170 wrote:
Hi Bert

As you know i always enjoy your input on posts :) and as your comment would sit quite right with local suppliers, it may not be the same for Chinese suppliers.. Only say this as its not the same as dealing with Aussie to Aussie, and honestly i am not sure if you have or have not got experience importing, and can be quite ‘awkward’ sometimes to get what is required.

Do agree that you need to probe more, inspect more and do your own due diligence as per the requirements but once again it is hard to follow up completely with some of these international suppliers….

OP, re the fumigation i have never come across them requesting that the cert shows done prior to wrapping or covering? got me on that… if the fumigation was related to the entire container a reference to the container number should suffice to combine relevance (if was full container)?

PS.. didnt you say you had the stock as well? if so this means its already cleared so not sure why you are being asked to change the FC?


Hi Jason,

unfortunately i have to agree with you 200%, if here in oz it would definitely be time for a new supplier. I realise that things do work differently over there, but maybe if all importers started saying well I am the customer it would be better. And yes having said that I fully realise that there will be 10 new customers for every person who says that. Just my little dig for the day i guess.,