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Paypal here

Firstly it takes 2-3 weeks to get paypal here operational.

I’ve purchased the Paypal Card reader at my Office Works for $139 went through the activation process and 1 Week later I received and email to verify information.

Regardless if you’ve been with paypal since 2002 you will still need to verify your account before they will activate your paypal here.

What you need to submit

  • Either Medicare Card or Passport to Verify your Identity.
  • Business Registration Certificate From ASIC
  • Provide your ACN or Business Number along with Trading Address
  • Signed Authorisation Letter (They will provide the template)

The benefits of the Paypal card Reader no monthly fee’s most banks charge $30-$60 a month for eftpos terminal, paper and supplies along with 1800 fraud contact centre + call cost if you have one of those old dialup eftpos machines.

Paypal here requires and IPHONE/ANDRIOD smartphone connected to internet
Paypal here only accepts visa or mastercard (No AMEX or Eftpos)
Paypal here requires email address to send the receipt (it’s paperless)