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Zava Design, post: 199217 wrote:
2014, your website has gotta be responsive at the very least! Do you have traffic data of how many mobile users are hitting your site?

And the top I found overly busy, as soon as I scrolled just a little and hid that dark bar at the top it seemed so much cleaner as a design and layout. Too many options can confuse a user, I’d recommend simplifying the top area of the site. At the moment you have all these options for a user to click on which have nothing to do with the core objective of your site: getting people to buy something.

With the “quick sale ending” message, what sale? There’s no prices or indication of what’s on sale or how much off. This kind of message should be simple and clear.

Thanks for pointing out the flaws, I agree with your points. I will chat with the developer and improve it!!