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JohnW, Dave

I think you guys are both right but here is the thing.

– Not every small business owner has time, interest in studying the social behaviours of its customers or on how to build a website.

Not disputing they should, but that is what we (You, me and a bunch of others) can provide to the small and micro busineses.

The OP mainly wants run a business, we should watch out to assume that a small business owner is either interested in doing that or is willing to create the same capabilities and abilities people like John or David have.

(For example if I want to sell beef, I am selling beef no intrest in becoming a farmer)

I think you both look at it from “you” being in the ‘shoes’ of the OP, and supply information and advice accordingly. Which in my view is mostly correct advice from both of you, each with its own angle.

However and BUT (and there is always one most of the time my butt is on the line).

Starting a shopping cart is easy and cheap…… NOT if you are NOT familiar with that type of thing.

We find over and over again, that small businesses start it of building an online shop (you know the ones shopify, ecommerce, bigcommerce etc) then somehow drown, slow down or abandon the online shopping cart. Purely because of the combined issues you both (john and david) raised.

For this reason our service generally starts with completely managing and building it for a customer, then slowely give more responsiblity back to the business owner. As they learn the ropes. Some take all the management back and some only upto the full filling of the orders, and we do all the management and promotion.

Back to the OP.
I see this as a classic example of what you guys been pointing out in the discussions.

To sum it short,
– the OP site is a shopping cart but more a online catalog for desktop users.
– has no clear statement or customer segmentation… I get there now what. What is it i can buy here appart from giving me the impression of being a mini E-Bay.
– the slogan “discover, Inspire, Intrique” not sure how that relates. Is gorgor doing that or am I as a customer.

I believe that this site has passed its momentum and will slowely degrade over time due to the anticipated ROI by the OP. IF the OP is not taking up the challenge to fix some of the issues raised.

Just my view.