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Hey Keith,

Back to the orginal question, I quite like the look and feel of the site but that’s just a personal preference. The site is fairly easy to navigate and find products.

A few things that I noted

1) Checkout – When trying to checkout I was forced to create an account and verify my email address before I could progress. This is a real road block and it will probably affect your conversions.
2) Adding an address during checkout – Maybe I’m old, but I found this quite confusing. Normally I just enter an address, but in this case I had to click a button called “Add an address” and then enter the details.
Also the address form contains the usual fields (unit/town/suburb etc.) but also contained a required one called “Address”. I’ve no idea what this field is for
3) Shipping costs – I had to wait until I’d entered an address to see the shipping cost ($10). I know you have a shipping costs page, but maybe something in the footer or header “$10 flat rate to Australia” would help.
4) SSL certificate – I know you’re not taking credit card details, but many people see this as a trust thing on the checkout page.
5) Speed – there’s quite a few technical changes that could be made, they wouldn’t take long, and it would speed this site up tremendously.
Have a look at
http://www.webpagetest.org/ and http://gtmetrix.com for some pointers.
The first thing I’d concentrate on is reducing the size of those product images on the home page and category pages, the ‘weight’ of your home page is pretty big. Your developer is resizing the images after they’ve been downloaded to your browser, not on the server side which where it should be done. This means your page is taking far longer to download than it should.

Other than that others have already pointed out that responsive is a good way to go.

Overall I think it’s ok but the checkout needs work, it should be made responsive and it could be sped up with some technical changes.

Hope this helps