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Botanikka, post: 200229 wrote:
I was keen to try the higher price free shipping option but I wasn’t sure how to work it with regard to returns? Do you have a term that states that the shipping cost is not refundable or do you just wear it and return the entire amount? Normally I couldn’t even think of this sort of thing but I had a situation earlier in the year where a customer expected me to return the shipping cost AND pay them for the shipping to send it back to get their refund. So it’s made me wary of the what if’s.

For my watches and sunglasses, I offer a 14 day replacement or refund, if people try the item on and just don’t like the look/fit. This doesn’t include the return postage (about $7.20) but does include me posting it back to them again. To date, I have not had anyone wanting to return an item.
I could be wrong, but my own view is that if you buy something from an online store, you have to accept that you may have to post it back to them. If I buy an item from a brick and mortar shop and it needs to be returned, I don’t expect them to send a courier to my house to pick it up :)

I think as long as you’re up-front and reasonable with people, 99% of them will be cool, and the ones that are difficult will probably be that way no matter what.

The refund/exchange policy if a great selling point in itself – if you can’t see many people having issues or wanting to return your products, offering a solid refund policy I think can be great to build confidence and increase sales in the first place.