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Matt_Brisbane, post: 199614 wrote:
hi all.

this was my first post as i have just joined up to this site after attending a KPI seminar in Brisbane 2 weeks ago.

I commented on it because i am using the product and it caught my eye when going through the forum. I never started this post and was just answering a question.

Yes i do sell it as can all people using Isagenix. like any nutrition product it works if you let it work and want to actually try and change your life style.

feel free to contact me via pm if you want to know more.

Hi Matt_Brisbane,

Thanks for joining Flying Solo and welcome – great that you made it across from the recent KPI events, they do a great job.

Sorry that you struck some negativity on your first posting :( While of course it is a legitimate business model when done well, over time we have had get quite a few self-promotional types coming in with their first post to sell MLM products (which is outside our guidelines) hence there is a level of suspicion amongst regulars caused by these people who go about it the wrong way.

I do hope you’ll stick around as we really are generally a very friendly and supportive bunch almost all the time! :)

Any questions just send me a note.

All the best,