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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi Vroni,

I had a quick look and had the following thoughts:
– I’m not your logo sells your brand very well. It’s black and the font doesn’t give me the feeling I’d expect from tea
– The header images could be improved to highlight your product. Show me exactly what it is and give me some reasons for why I should buy it.
– The slider just takes up so much room and they actually reduce conversions most of the time. I’d look at removing it and raising your products much higher on the screen so people don’t have to scroll to see what you’re selling.

In terms of SEO your website is really not going to perform very well
– The website structure isn’t optimised for anything so the only way you’ll get people to your site is by directing them to it, via business card or something, or paying for advertising like adwords or social media.
http://www.tea4.com.au/product/tea-4-body-14-day-teatox/ URLs like these won’t be effective for an seo perspective.

In terms of the footer, it’s typically where you see some logos about security, types of payments etc but it feels empty and bland on yours.

You need to convince people what you do, why it’s better, how they buy etc.