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Jenny Spring
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Vroni, post: 199422 wrote:
Hello everyone,

I would like to receive some honest criticism of my website and any recommendations that you might like to make. First of all I know that I have chosen to enter a saturated market (Teatox) however I think I can make it in this area. So far I have done everything myself and I am getting perhaps 100 new users visiting my site per day (google adwords) but with a relatively high bounce rate. I am however getting a limited amount of sales.

Improvements that I am currently working on:
1. T’s & C’s
2. Promotions
3. Setting up social media feeds

I am concerned that perhaps the feel of my site is not to peoples liking and that is why they leave very quickly.

If someone wouldnt mind looking things over and providing some feedback I would be very appreciative.

1. What needs reviewing? Website overall
2. What does your business do? Teatox/Detox tea
3. Who is your target market? Mainly 18-30 years old women
4. What specific concerns do you have? Possible not enough content/website looks too basic…

Thankyou for the replies so far guys.


Put the headline, the reason for me to stay, right at the top of your site. On the image. Write it so that in 3 seconds it will grab me, and I’ll stay and look further.

May me click on your site, and explore.

e.g. Reduce bloating, improve digestion, increase energy levels, reduce weight. All of this with a simple cup of tea.

or something like this!

About Us — put YOU on this page PLEASE. Get rid of hte stock image of the harbour bridge. If I visit this page, its because I’m wanting to find out truly who you are, why you think this tea will truly do what you say it will. I want to see YOU, testimonials, images and so forth.

you need a lot more on your site.

I think you’ve concentrated on keeping it ‘clean’ and with that, you aren’t communicating enough. There is too much left to the imagination. Don’t make me work so hard, tell me about your product, you, and why I should care.