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I run a gardening business so people look at my garden and say that looks ok , so he will look after mine.

As a bookkeeper they will look at your website and ask does the maths look ok here, “In the industry two of the big players are Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Accounting Software.” oops no, maybe we will try elsewhere…

Also in the same news in regards to cloud versus locally installed, there are a number of areas where it just doesnt gell for anyone who thinks about it.

Security – True, but it is still just a vulnerable as any other internet based data, we have had some high profile data incursions of late

Accessibility – True – But having just chatted to my own accountant the number of times he has been locked out because of internet drop outs, requiring clearance of logins via phone calls to the hosting company is not funny

Cost – True – but there is still an ongoing monthly fee, which comes to roughly the same as software upgrades, etc.

No It skills – Sorry totally not true

You only give the “benefits” of cloud, but no downfalls, or any benefits of locally installed. It is not a valid comparison, it is a get the cloud option

Just picked on this one but looked at a couple of the others and there are similiar border line issues. If providing information to your clients make it 100% accurate.

ie. Valid tax invoice.