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Hi K Pixel,

I can totally relate. When I started this gig in January this year, networking totally freaked me out. Even though I’m pretty shy/quiet, it’s mostly a mindset thing. The idea of going to an event with the aim of promoting yourself to potential clients is weird.

So what I did was I signed up for events that were geared at learning, rather than networking. That way, I was coming along to learn something that would help grow my business (and I did learn stuff, btw), and while I was there, I would often end up meeting potential clients anyway. But all the pressure was taken out of it! :-)

I found that going to Marketing-related events was kind of effective too because everyone in the room got educated on what they need… but then they wouldn’t feel comfortable or have the time to do it themselves, so to have a marketing person sitting next to them was just very convenient :-). I’m sure you can appreciate a similar situation for your business.

I hope this helps!!