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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi K Pixel,

First thing I’d say, as others have mentioned, is that you’re absolutely not alone in this fear of networking thing! It’s very common amongst business owners.

I recently confessed to knowing all the ‘people avoidance’ tips at events in the article I know what you did last event: Six terrible tips and another one I am an introvert. Now they tell me! – I was surprised at how many people chimed in to say they feel exactly the same way.

If you can, the best therapy for me was just pushing myself to get out to events and over time it gets easier and easier – and even enjoyable :)

In terms of selling, I’ve found that if you forget trying to sell yourself and just focus on asking others lots of questions about their businesses – people love talking about businesses they are passionate about and once the conversation’s started they inevitably will ask about yours in return.

There are lots of non face-to-face options available of course, but sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned handshake!

Good luck!