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The thing that helps me most when I have the “marketing jitters” is remembering that no-one really gives a stuff about me, and anything I do that’s embarrassing will quickly be forgotten.

Seriously, no-one cares. You could go to a networking event and be the most pushy, agressive person in the room, and then go back to the same event the following month having moderated your behaviour and no-one would even remember.

You have to experiment when you’re not good at something, don’t be afraid of experimentation.

One good analogy of this is how comedians work: they’re not really funny, they’re more like laugh scientists. When they first start working on an act, people might not laugh at all. By the time they’ve done the same act over and over again for months and months, working out the kinks and getting the wording and delivery right, people laugh, no-one remembers how horrible the act was to begin with, they just laugh right now because it’s funny.

Don’t be embarrassed, nobody cares!