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anything is possible if it is documented in the contract of sale.

Your friend needs to work out is there really any value in a facebook page, business name, and website. Where do the customers come from for the local coffee shop. If they just come from local shoppers, passers by, etc. Than maybe there is not much to be gained from the internet side of things anyhow. Think about it would you travel half way accross town for a coffee because they are ranked on page one of google. Most people go for the most convienient coffee shop. I feel like coffe, I look down the street, there you are, I dont look up google and say oh they on page 1, lets go there. Sorry but my rant about everyone thinking page 1 is the best, it is good for some business’s but others its a waste of space and money.

As to rent, you need to find out what has been agreee to with the landlord. Often it is ok to take over a lease, and you just continue on with the payments. But some lease contracts also allow for a price hike if the lease is moved on. You (friend), need to get a clear indication from the landlord, and your contract of sale as to what is happening on that front.

As to sale price, it may be well over the equipment value, but it comes back to para 1 above, if all your trade is from locals, than there will be a certain value to the “goodwill” and as such they are able to charge for this. But also remember that as well as “goodwill”, there will be some what I call “badwill”, people who have tried the shop, not liked it, not liked the owners, not liked the coffee, and said I will never go back. you need to way up what value YOU (not the seller), puts on the goodwill.

At the end of the day its how much you think it is all worth, all the rest can be clearly stated in the contract of sale, so that there is no duobt, if there is doubt, get it written in the contract, if they dont want to than walk away. If you think the website and facebook, really bring in the customers (??), insist on the sale with these or walk away.

Just another consideration, why do they want to keep the business name, website and facebook, are they planning to setup in oposition. No trading clauses within a certain area can be added to your contract, but be warned I am told these clauses can be a leaky as a bucket full of holes, so go carefully if that is the case.

I guess what I am saying is that your friend is in control, they can decide how much to pay, what they want, the terms of sale. because at the end of the day if anyone of them dont suit them, WALK AWAY.