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Hey Nat – I’ll give you some practical advice just to get you started. But there’s likely a lot more work to be done.

First of all – your giant logo, make it small enough to fit in your header. Put it on the left and your navigation on the right. This way visitors will see your products immediately.

Next change your top level navigation to just your products navigation (dresses, tops, pants etc.) Your current top navigation is also in your footer and it’s just fine there.

Okay now we need to know why we’re buying from you. Why your clothes are unique / special? This needs to be written in a way that stands out and can be read in just a few seconds.

Next you need to have the product name and price under each photo.

Next you need to write a decent bit of copy for each product. You should consult a copywriter who know’s SEO for this part.

Finally you need to shoot all of your products so that they look professional. Take all of your stock to a photography studio, hire a few models and spend a day doing a photoshoot.

All of these steps will only improve your shopping experience and likely convert more visitors to customers. You’ll also need to learn how to drive more traffic to your website.

In terms of progress I would suggest that you’re only 5 – 10% “there” at this stage.

Best of luck – Phil.