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Hi Natalie,

Good work on getting your website up and running. Unfortunately it’s just not there yet and I would suspect you won’t get any sales in the current format. Have a look at other fashion online stores and compare these against your store in terms of the look and feel, features and the level of trust you get.

To be honest you need to start again, I see you are using big cartel as your online store. Have a look at other fashion sites run by bigcartel to get some ideas: http://directory.bigcartel.com/stores/clothing

Look at finding/purchasing a new theme for your website, which should really transform your current store into something which will drive sales and that level of trust you need from an eCommerce site. A quick search came up with these guys, have a look and see if there are any themes on there worth using http://themefiend.com/themes/big-cartel-themes/