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Hi Bettina,
I know nothing of your market. You may already know what I would need to research…

  • Who are your potential clients?
  • Where are your potential clients?
  • What sort of resumes do you want to write? (I.e. Are we talking new workforce entrants, middle management, senior management, are there specific professions or industries where you have expertise, etc? (Have you got this addressed on your website?)
  • How do prospective clients find resume writing services?
  • Are there important influencers you should contact?
  • What does your competition do? Have you checked out their websites? (Expect most to be pretty ordinary but someone must be marketing well.)

I can suggest a few elements that should work…

1. Focus, focus, focus.
Don’t tell me you want to target “everyone” looking for a job. That is irrelevant to me and “everyone”.
Start by targeting potential clients in your city. If you have a number of success stories that can be segmented by factors like industry, profession, job level or job type, do it and start by focusing on them.

2. Try to develop referral networks
I’m guessing here. Surely there are many employment networks (Uni/college schools often get involved in providing post grad employment resources, professional assocs, etc.) you can try to work with? Get your website content reflecting your experience in specific areas so you can use it as an email referral resource. Then make phone contact with potential referrers.

If you focus on specific job types, you may be able to replicate job ads for the categories on your website.

3. Social Media
I believe you are in a communications market where social media should be a valuable tool.

…Another reason to focus on job categories.

Transient info like “jobs” is a natural for Twitter. If you don’t focus, you can’t create relevant job categories on social media.

Same with Facebook. If you can pick specific foci for your potential clients, you will do much better than targeting “everyone”.