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Hi Drazen,

Just a quick note to apologise that your first post here got held up in our moderation queue.

Thanks for adding these helpful suggestions to this thread, and thanks for joining the forum too. We’re delighted you’re here :)


Drazen, post: 199997 wrote:
My suggestion to you would be to target the following businesses:

– Non profit organisations such as Campbell Page and Max Employment who are government funded and are trying to get their clients job opportunities so that they are no longer unemployed. For most of their clients depending on how long the client has been unemployed they have more funding available to help them get employed. Based on this it would be good to establish relationships with these businesses as they can always guarantee repeat business.

– High Schools / TAFES / Universities – By targeting these businesses you should further be able to draw in more business as a part of the problem with people getting qualified is not finding work afterwards.

Hope this helps.