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Hi Bettina,

Being 100% honest here, either your websites not as good as it could be or you’re adwords campaign is sending the wrong traffic to it.

Adwords – Get this book – http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Google-AdWords-Million/dp/B006G8IRJ6

It’ll teach you about ensuring that your adwords are getting the right people rather than the wrong ones. Wrong ones are just costing you money.

Share your website with us. Whilst your website might look nice or have perfect grammar, it may not be set up to sell your. There’s some people on here that seriously know their stuff and are happy to give out advice for free.

Have you got Google Analytics on the website? Have you studied what people are doing when they come through Adwords traffic?

Have you got NewEgg or similar to see where people are clicking? Maybe your website is hard to use?