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Aidan, post: 199835 wrote:
Personally, I don’t believe much has changed in keyword research or indeed use of AdWords keywords if you were doing them properly in the first place!

After much testing I came to the conclusion some time ago that the use of close variants was a good thing and stopped switching it off when it was the default in AdWords. I found the close variants were indeed very close in the main, mainly misspellings and singular/plural variations and far tighter than BMM variation.

If you are doing your AdWords properly then you are constantly checking traffic at the search query level to negative match anything untoward!

As for keyword research for SEO purposes, I still use Keyword Planner as I find it has the best info available, I always did use the Exact Match option for this anyway so no real change. I think people often forget that when you mis-spell a search query, Google automatically corrects it and servers up the appropriate result.
Hi Aidan,
I had a phone call from Google Adwords support yesterday and asked her about the changes being reported in the Rand Fishkin video linked above.

She denied it was an agreed change by Google, yet. We are talking about info from an overseas based tele-marketer. I’m guessing that means a third party support service, not highly trained Google employees. In which case, I’d be surprised if she has the latest details.

She’d not heard of Fishkin or SEOMOZ whom you’d expect someone in the industry for a while to know.

Your Adword expertise…

I was under the impression I could achieve a lower CPC and cut out more irrelevant search phrases with a careful selection of exact match keywords but you do a lot more Adword management than me.

What is your experience on those Adword parameters?