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Had to have a laugh when I listened to the podcast,

I belong to a gardening forum, and there was a post on there saying that you (not JohnR) were a rip of merchant if you had a higher price than the average company. At the same time there is another post saying that you are dodgy if your prices are to low.

John R’s Podcast is saying that you are dodgy if the price is to low. But because his pricess are high he is obviously giving you a good sevice.

I think the truth lies somehwere between the 2.

There are some excellent garden business’s offering ridiculously cheap prices to get the business, and doing an excellent job, but they will be out of business because their costs will outway the income. Others will be charging mega dollars and doing a dodgy job.

And the same goes for SEO business’s, the majority of cheap ones are most likely dodgy, but some will be doing a good job. And the converse is true, where there are some over priced SEO services, but doing a dodgy job.

SEO like garden services, is not just about the dollars the customer pays. It is also about the quality of work, and some are prepared to charge less, for the same quality.

If a business owner only picks an SEO company based on the fact they are charging them 1500 to 2000 a month, than they could end up with exactly the same issues as paying just 299 a month. It all comes down to understanding what is been delivered for your dollars.

Sorry all I got from the Podcast was don’t spend 299, but rather pick a business that will charge you 2000, that is no way to pick a SEO business.