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John Romaine
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bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
John R’s Podcast is saying that you are dodgy if the price is to low. But because his pricess are high he is obviously giving you a good sevice.

I have staff to pay. The knowledge and expertise they possess in order for me to provide my customers with a quality service costs money. I pay my staff anywhere between $25 an hour, up to $75 an hour depending upon the tasks that they’re performing.

I often speak with prospects who have been burnt by cheap SEO agencies, because they’ve taken shortcuts. The whole reason they’ve taken shortcuts, is because of their pricing point.

It’s basic maths 101.

If they’re charging you $299 per month for SEO, then how many hours do you think this will equate to? How much work do you think you could possibly have done for that per month?

Furniture removalists charge $160 an hour just to move coffee tables and couches.

bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
There are some excellent garden business’s offering ridiculously cheap prices to get the business, and doing an excellent job, but they will be out of business because their costs will outway the income.

That’s pretty stupid then isn’t it?

bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
Others will be charging mega dollars and doing a dodgy job.

And others will be charging appropriately and doing an excellent job. They’re the ones that will still be around in 20 years. Do you have any idea of how many SEO agencies simply flush their domain name, and relaunch under a different brand every 6 months?

bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
And the same goes for SEO business’s, the majority of cheap ones are most likely dodgy, but some will be doing a good job.

Define “cheap”.

I can tell you anything less than $1,000 per month is going to be absolute rubbish.

bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
And the converse is true, where there are some over priced SEO services, but doing a dodgy job.

That’s probably true too. However that’s most likely the case in any marketplace.

bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
If a business owner only picks an SEO company based on the fact they are charging them 1500 to 2000 a month, than they could end up with exactly the same issues as paying just 299 a month. It all comes down to understanding what is been delivered for your dollars.

Yes, what’s your point?

bb1, post: 199794 wrote:
Sorry all I got from the Podcast was don’t spend 299, but rather pick a business that will charge you 2000, that is no way to pick a SEO business.

You obviously didn’t listen to it all the way through, or failed to understand what was discussed.

Listen, I often turn prospects AWAY because I know we’re not a good fit. Because I know that they’re most likely not suitable at my pricing point. Dodgy SEO companies won’t care. They’ll happily sign anyone up at the cheapest rate possible.

I agree, business owners shouldn’t be shopping around on price, however unfortunately, most do, and that typically results in the posts that we see here..”I got burnt by a dodgy SEO company and I’m not happy!”

The thing is, most business owners are scrambling to race to the bottom, making decisions based upon price alone, and that’s dangerous.

I will say however, that what you might interpret as being “expensive” is well affordable for others.

If a business owner is investing $3,000 per month, and each lead is potentially worth $2,500, and I’ve increased those leads by 410% over an 8 month period, then wouldn’t you agree that’s a worthwhile investment?

Of course it is.