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Byron Trzeciak
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John Romaine, post: 199818 wrote:
I can tell you anything less than $1,000 per month is going to be absolute rubbish.

I don’t agree with the statement above but I understand your point, my cheapest package is $750 per month and I believe I can add value to businesses at that price.

Take a look at this survey for example of 600+ responses.



Hourly SEO Costs Vary Across Countries, but $76-$200/hour is Most Common

With the exception of India SEO experts charge between 75 – 200 per hour. Let’s take 100 per hour as an example. If you’re charging 750 per month expect to get around 7.5 hours of work. My SEO audit alone can take upwards of 5 hours because of the detail and comprehensive analysis of your website.

My onsite optimisation can take up to 10 hours on average, but it greatly depends on the size of the website and this is what John is getting at. SEO Audit is 5 hours plus onsite optimisation can be 5 – 15 hours or more, it depends entirely on the size of the website.

However SEO and “optimisation” is just one part of it though if you’re getting quality SEO services.

Pure “SEO” consultants/agencies may be fading as broader “inbound marketing” services firms (offering SEO, social, content, conversion, analytics, etc) rise. The data showed 150 respondents (25%) saying they were primarily focused on SEO while a slightly greater number, 160 (26.7%), offered a broader range.

The lines are blurred. It’s no longer about ranking quickly but instead it’s about long term strategies based around content development, social media marketing and conversion optimisation. These skillsets are all under the “SEO” umbrella these days for quality services that aren’t going to burn you and can actually provide a return on investment.

Take a look at the numbers even at the lowest average price point:

– $100 p.m at $75 per hour equals 1.3 hours of work
– $300 p.m at $75 per hour equals 4 hours of work.
– $500 p.m at $75 per hour equals 6 hours of work.

If this is the time you’re sinking into client campaigns then I question what work is actually being done. This question is asked time and time again on flying solo “can you tell me what my seo agency is doing” and on review there is literally nothing being done except for damaging and “automated” blasting of your website across the web.