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Byron Trzeciak, post: 199802 wrote:
There are no quick wins with SEO anymore and therefore if you’re looking to achieve first page rankings, for competitive terms, with minimal effort then be ready to receive a penalty from Google for doing so.
Hi Byron,
We are not disagreeing but I thought some folk may misinterpret the SEO speed issue.

I’d like to provide a little more info on how long it can take to see the impact of SEO implementation.

Sometimes large benefits can start to become apparent in weeks.

How quickly you can start to see benefits depends on the nature of the problem.

The Google robot usually updates its copy of a site’s Home page about once per week. “Main” site pages may be nearly as quick. Deeper pages may take a month or more.

If you have a problem with important information that has been omitted from your site’s Home page and you add it, you may start to see the change benefits being reported in your Analytics reports in 3-4 weeks.

If, on the other hand your site has been slapped with a Google manual penalty for dodgy link building tactics, you might wait 6 months or more for Google to update this element of its index.

In my experience, most SE referrals are lost because site owners don’t provide important information that potential customers are seeking.

To check this, I randomly assessed 4 old Flying Solo website review requests. All 4 suffered from content omission problems.

1. A Service business – No pages about the different applications of the service
2. A photography service – Not targeting searches that include the city where it is located
3. A service business – No client example pages means it will also lose a lot of industry usage searchers
4. A national directory site – No location search targeting

IMHO, in the small business market it seems there are still many “quick wins” to be found but look for them to occur in situations where you can control your onsite information.