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Peter Watson, post: 200078 wrote:
No. I’m saying if a website owner thinks they are going to kick ass in Google by paying an SEO firm less than $1000 per month they are dreaming!

Otherwise everyone would build a website, pay an SEO firm less than $1000 and sit back and enjoy the spoils.
Hi Peter,
Is this an example of your “dream” SEO results?

The following relates to a 5 page small business website that has spent a total of $700 on page production AND SEO over the last 7 years.

Try a Google searches for:

  • railway sleepers
  • railway sleepers sydney
  • used railway sleepers
  • used railway sleepers sydney
  • timber railway sleepers
  • timber railway sleepers sydney
  • railway sleepers suppliers
  • railway sleepers suppliers sydney

The referenced site is in the top 5 for all of these and thousands of other relevant search phrases. In fact, it often has two pages ranking in the top 5 results. All of this WITHOUT any monthly SEO activity or external link building program.

Do these sorts of results qualify for your “dreamtime”?

Perhaps you can explain to us how this small business site attracts so many SE referrals without any SEO expenditure since its implementation?

According to your formula, it should have spent $84,000 over the last 7 years to attain these sorts of results. What improvement in SE referrals do you think it may have achieved with the budget you suggest is essential?

I’m sure we would all be delighted to hear what an additional $84,000 would have achieved for this business.

NB: A couple of FS SEOs thought this example was a garbage result and spent a lot of time trying to knock the site off its #1 position for one of the above search phrases. Last time I checked, their hours of effort managed to attain a ranking in the 20-30 Google positions for their pages.

In light of this example (and I could give more), I’m sure the small business owners on FS would love to hear your explanation of why spending less than $1,000 per month on SEO is a “dream”.

Peter Watson, post: 200078 wrote:
You said you have clients paying you $750. You could be providing them with the best SEO services available on the entire internet, but for $750 your time is limited. at that rate you’d be pushing to provide 2-3 hours per week.
With respect, I did not say this. Are you confusing me with someone else’s comments?

The point I’m trying to make is that SEO is not about the “best” SEO services (which no one knows, by the way), it is about providing the most relevant generic SE referrals for the available resources and “resources” includes money.

Effective SEO is about providing the biggest bang for the buck.

No small business can compete head on with large companies that have unlimited SEO budgets.

SEO for small business is about attracting as many potential customers as possible for the available resources.

The stupidest SEO tactic for a small business is to try to compete head on with a large businesses’ website.

Of course my time is limited for small business budgets. That does not stop me helping them achieve the sorts of SE referrals that others spending (by your estimate, a minimum of $84,000 over 7 years) on outsourced SEO services may have achieved. ;)