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John Romaine, post: 200079 wrote:
John I won’t cover everything that you’ve mentioned because I’ll be here all night, but the bottom line is this….

Regardless of your process, servicing a client takes time. That time needs to be charged to the client. Isn’t that simple business 101????

Also, correct me if I’m mistaken, but I get the impression that you’re doing all the work yourself. Is that right? It’s also apparent that you’re providing SEO training – is that right?

Lastly, you obvious serve a much different audience to me – that much is obvious. I chose to service medium to high end business and government organisations. Why? Because I want to work at that level. The ROI working with clients that only want to invest $299 simply isn’t worth it for me – and to be completely fair, it’s not worth it to the client either.

Anyone that visits my site that says “too expensive” obviously isn’t my ideal prospect – which is exactly why I put my prices up. I don’t want to waste their time, nor my own.

It is what it is – you can sell second hand Datsun Stanzas for $500 if you choose to, or brand new BMWS.

I know where I want to be.

Again it comes back to x hours for y dollars. It’s simple mathematics.
Hi JohnR
You will never have an argument from me about an hourly charge out rate that demonstrates a good ROI.

We are in complete agreement here about SEO/Internet marketing and the value of our time.

The variance seems to be that we target different markets. You go for mid-larger clients while I aim at smaller businesses.

The basic principles of SEO are the same but the resources and tactics force totally different implementation activities. Not many SEOs seem to understand this mission critical issue.

The result is that we need to provide different types of SEO services at different levels of intensity for our different client types.

This is why I keep harping on about the specific needs of small businesses in FS SEO posts and why I keep hammering “cost-effective” SEO.

You are servicing the SEO needs of the 400kg gorillas who can run over the top of small businesses. I’m trying to find, then teach small businesses the tactics to side-step or chip over the top of your gorillas so my team can score their tries cheaply. (Carn the Panthers.)

To me this is not an issue of $ per hour charged. (I imagine we are not far apart.)

PS: I don’t know where you grabbed the $299 SEO investment number from. I don’t believe I suggested this.