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MD Clean
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JohnW, post: 200650 wrote:
Hi Paul,
The WWW’s biggest problem is ACCURACY of information.

I don’t mean to demean your contribution but IMHO the article referenced is out of date, ill-informed and offering a lot of misinformation about links and SEO.

My advice on reading this article is to quote Monty Python,



To put it another way, all this emphasis on link building is SEO bulls**t!

Sorry, Paul. Hope I have not offended you. I’m not criticising you.

Hi John,

A healthy discussion is what this site is all about so no offence at all.

A lot of the article relates to link building sure with the central premise being that link building is not dead. So if your view is that link building is a worthless proposition for SEO in every case, I would genuinely like to hear your thoughts on this.

I think there is an important distinction to make about where Google has been, where Google is now and where Google is heading.

Matt Cutts has stated that older, authority sites better get their house in order because times are a changing.

Looking around Google in my industry now, there is a loooong way to go.

What is working in Google now will not automatically work in Google in the future – there is a huge disconnect between what Google wants to be and what Google is capable (technologically) of being right now. They are a little like the Reserve Bank sending out signals to the market to try to get the market to take action without actually pulling the trigger. Right now Google aren’t pulling the trigger but one day….

There are a lot of people wondering how to develop search friendly content that will attract relevant links and the article addresses a lot of “what’s” and “how’s”.

But even without the links component, I think the author does a great job expressing what great content can look like if you really want to put the hours in.
In the comments, he said that he put over 20 hours into the article and it shows. It has custom graphics, lots of charts, he quotes sources. The typography, sentence structure, overall copy and overall readability are all fantastic.

In my corporate life, I saw sooo many examples of Leadership expressing the What without the How so when it came time to execute, failure ensued and all of the stakeholders were left unhappy.

The article I referenced expresses a point of view AND provides the tools AND methodology to put a strategy in place so for that I say Bravo!! It doesn’t just say develop search and reader friendly articles like so many sites do, it gives plenty of examples about what that might look like – and that is the key.

So in terms of the application of the material, if I had a site, “universitygraduatejobs.com.au” and I could write an atricle like, “The Definitive Guide To Landing A Job For Graduates”, and it was seen as a breakthrough guide and it was linked to by multiple universities, I Would be getting Good Google Juice and I Would be getting relevant traffic and the reader Would be getting relevant content.

I haven’t come across a better “How-to” guide in my web travels – after all, the thrust of the article is about building killer content and then getting it out there for an audience that is looking for it.

He is asked about Local Business SEO in the comments and replies that he will not answer the question due to his lack of experience and expertise so IMO, that is a good indicator that he is not trying to be everything to everyone.