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JohnW, post: 200682 wrote:
Paul, You have an office and business cleaning service on the Gold Coast. If you start publishing content that is based on some unrelated, “trending topic”, “WOW” factor that is NOT related to what you do, who you do it for and where they are, your SE referrals will decline as will your rankings for your relevant search terms.

My site is a work in progress, I am building up my citations and I have a lot of SEO work to do in future that will take some time, but probably, more importantly, some focus eg, I, right now, I could be writing a blog post on 5 Of The Best Cleaning Products That Hardly Anyone Knows About”, or “7 Things You Should Do Today To Manage Your Commercial Cleaner”, or “9 Tips To Get The Best Price From Your Commercial Cleaner”.

Instead, here I am.

Whilst my site is only 7 months old, I owned 2 niche recruitment sites in the US and Canada for 8 years and ranked page 1 for some very competitive keywords – ahead of sites like Monster, Career Builder, Indeed and Simply Hired.

In any case some observations on some keywords to shed some light under the bushes of where G is at in Australia in 2014.

For the Keyword, “Commercial Cleaning Gold Coast”,

1.The site that probably ranks best has a network of micro sites – 1 for each suburb.
2. The same site has a lot of KW Stuffing
3. There is a lot of KW stuffing in the results generally.
4. There are a lot of different type of businesses in the results and G does not differentiate between them, eg, general commercial cleaners, bond cleaners, home cleaners, window cleaners, pressure cleaners and carpet cleaners, cleaning jobs etc – the Yellow Pages are a lot more efficient at pointing the searcher in the right direction. BTW, this also occurs for search terms such as “Office Cleaning Gold Coast”
5. Some Gold Coast search terms only return Brisbane search results on page 1, including Brisbane Google Business pages.
6. A lot of blog posts have been stolen from elsewhere as you see terms pop up that are not in the Australian idiom eg, washrooms and janitorial services.

These are just some of the mixed results popping up that I can think of off the top of my head- in short, I think G has a very long way to go before it gets to where it wants to be.

My personal view is that 4G (and fibre) will have a big impact on search in future making page speed loading less important and responsive design more important.