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pauls, post: 200786 wrote:
To clarify, a good number of FS businesses are not small, they are micro…

…WIth that said, once you have exhausted;

  • citations and local listing/ free and credible link opportunities
  • on-page structure, meta and content fixes
  • UI and conversion tweaks

Next in the list is social and link building?

If the business doesn’t need it, then great, but to say that they dont need links because of size or any other metric is how the whole SEO is dead came about.
Hi PaulS,
Based on the requests for reviews and the signature links on FS, I’d agree that most of the folk around here are “micro” businesses.

I can’t think of the last time I checked out one of their sites where its primary SEO problems weren’t based on:

1. Lack of / poor SEO strategy
2. Technical
3. Content related
4. Lack of monitoring

“Strategy” to most seems to be to target “frequently used keywords”. WRONG!

“Technical” should be a one-time fix plus education of the client to avoid future problems.

“Content” is never complete. It only becomes, “What else can be done to attract people with different needs?”

“Monitoring” is usually not undertaken or gets forgotten once the enquiries start.

The “SEO is dead” call has been rampant after every Google attack on the many different link building schemes over the last 10+ years. (Feb 2004: Is Organic SEO Dead?)

IMHO, “SEO is dead” calls only eminate from people who don’t know what SEO is or how to implement it. (I know you are not saying this.)

FS Business owners,

Be aware that your online marketing cost will be driven by the strength and resources of your online competition.

The first actions of any SEO consultant should be to develop strategic recommendations so that your business can make maximum use of its strengths while minimising its exposure to the strengths of its online competition.

Example: If you are a shopping cart site with a poor online marketing strategy, you could end up in a link building war against Amazon with its 2.1 BILLION external links.

Effective external link building is the most expensive SEO tactic because it is so time consuming.

If you’re a micro/small business and you head in this direction, you are likely competing where your competitors have much larger resources to negate your use of this tactic.

There are always differences on the web. A simple and inexpensive to exploit advantage over the biggest competitor may be your location. You may not need a single external link to exploit that marketing attribute.

Internet marketing & SEO should start with research into your online competition to identify these sorts of attributes.