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Congrats on taking the leap of faith into the e-commerce world!

The things you really need to look at nailing to get noticed online are as follows;

1)Organic SEO- you need to gear your site up to rank well for the terms relating to items you are selling. This vastly depends on a number of factors inline with Google’s algorithm for ranking sites and comes back to the relevance of your product descriptions, whether previous searchers found your site to hold the right information for that term and how you compare to other companies with those products. This can be confusing so best to employ an SEO specialist to do this. Shop around and find out the best option for you as there are alot of BS artists out there. Your organic traffic will generally take 6-12 months to actually give you good results.

2) Pay per click- Generally through Google Adwords or Facebook. You will benefit from getting a professional to help you here aswell as your Cost Per Click will vary greatly depending on a number of variables such as quality score etc which are measured similar to the above. Having someone who understands how this all works and can structure your ads properly will save you alot of money and is well worth their fees.

3) Social media via FB/Twitter/Instagram- This is a realm of trial and error for your niche- you are always best to manage this yourself as no one else will know your customers or product better than you. Check out companies in your industry and copy what they do in terms of structuring their posts, frequency, how they sell their products etc.

4) Email- This can be the best way to monetize your business. Grow a customer database and stay in contact with them. They want to hear from you and you need to keep them informed. It is all about staying top of mind and relevant to what they need and you can turn this into one of your highest converting sources of income.

Hope this helps! If you need referrals to people who can help you with the above I am happy to pass on who I use as they have been excellent so far.

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