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Jenny Spring
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Sam-MSH, post: 199790 wrote:
Hi everyone.

I launched my online store this week. I’ve started with some brands from NZ and the UK that others don’t have in Australia. Surprisingly I found these companies have been much more flexible re minimum purchase amounts than wholesalers in Australia and just generally more enthusiastic.

Although some of the products are at the high end, I was hoping to gain some custom based on their uniqueness. But now I obviously have to get customers to the site.

In hindsight, I think I should have started with more gift type items with a lower price to make it more accessible. That’s what I’ll aim for by Christmas but need to move some stock before then.

I’ve been using Facebook to garner interest for a while but I’ve found it’s mainly friends and referrals from friends who aren’t my target market. I’m also pinning but the interest I’m getting is from OS. I also just started tweeting but it’s too soon to measure that.

I was thinking of doing some Facebook marketing based on suburbs but I’m not sure my target market is on FB. It seems the views here are pretty mixed on the success of FB marketing.

I think if I take up any more social media platforms it will suck up my whole day.

Has anyone been in this position and found something low cost that worked well for them?


Hi Sam

It is super easy to find out if your target market is using Facebook. The great news is, that if they aren’t, and you have set up your ads correctly and well segmented, you won’t pay!!

However, I bet they are.

I’m running ads for 10 clients right now, from horse pasture to whale watching tours to kids swimwear to online homewares, and across the board, we are having excellent results. Although I used Google Adwords for many years when I owned an ecommerce business, I must say that Facebook has some fantastic abilities that you can’t do with Google.

I’d recommend it, but here are my suggestions:

– don’t waste your money with boost posts
– don’t over-extend your reach
– build proper segmented ads so you can see which segment is being engaged
– run at least 3-4 ads at the same time
-test out different images and text
-use the right button on your ad
– include the word ‘share’ in one of the ad copy (but still with website conversions as your goal)
– don’t bother with facebook engagement ads
-use a 1200×627 png sized image to really grab attention
-watch your metrics for the first few days, then tweak as you need
-build a matching landing page to maximise your ads
-drive ads to a landing page and add the conversion pixel to track who goes there (it tracks IP addresses), and then you can remarket to them
-definitely build your email list as a priority with your ad campaigns

Hope that helps.