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Most invoicing software will be a step up from using Excel or Word templates – invoicing software is much quicker, looks more professional, and helps ensure that your invoices are legally compliant.

There’s a lot of options out there, so I would suggest looking for the following features when choosing invoicing software:

  • Can it grow with your business? There’s no point paying for lots of features you don’t use, but you should also have the option to access more technical features if you need them. Invoicing software with different price plans can help you get the most for your money.
  • Is it cloud-based? Most software is now cloud-based, which means that you can access your account from any device, without having to install desktop apps. There’s a few advantages of this – cloud-based software doesn’t take up any of your computer’s memory, you don’t need to worry about updating your software, and you can access your account anywhere, anytime.
  • Is it easy to use? Some accounting software is designed for professionals with years of experience. If you only need software to create invoices, send quotes, or track expenses, this kind of program is unnecessary and expensive. By choosing invoicing software specifically designed for small business owners, you can access all the features you need, and send invoices and quotes quickly and easily.

Because I work there, I am probably a bit biased, but I would suggest taking a lot at Debitoor. We offer accounting & invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers. If you want to check us out, you can try Debitoor free for 7 days :)