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Hi LionIT,

Congratulations on getting the website up and running. I am a programmer myself, so I don’t think I’m in your target audience from a usability perspective. If I was looking for a new machine I would already have a rough budget and a minimum spec for peripherals and then I would optimise these for the amount of money I want to pay. However I can appreciate you are targeting people have little clue of hardware components and for that matter don’t care.

Step 1)
I like the idea of the budget slider

Step 2)
There are 3 options Professional, Gaming, Multimedia and I can only select one option. What if I needed a machine which consisted of a bit of all these scenarios (personal computer for home), how would I know which one to select.

Step 3)
I found some odd behavior with using a varied slider. At one point I was showing a build and I increased my budget but it returned a machine with a lower price. I increased my budget even more, and it returned a machine which was over my budget. I guess you need to make a decision that if I put in a budget of $2500, should you be returning a machine which costs say $2600 i.e. the budget is a hard constraint or a soft constraint.

I think the upgrade/downgrade options could a little nicer, I would prefer to see a slider so I can see all the options, rather than just an upgrade or downgrade button.

In terms of SEO, it would appear there has been no effort put into optimising yet. The website is very light on content and doesn’t address any of the technical side of SEO.

Best of luck with it