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bb1, post: 200046 wrote:
I picked a budget, I picked a scenario, and 10 minutes later it is still trying to decide on my specs.

You state that all prices include GST, but you are not registered for GST. this is a no no

When it did come up with a build spec, it gave me the various specs, and upgrade options., but to a lay person what do they mean, some give further details but others have nothing.

You also assume that people go in with a budget in mind, some people just want a machine to meet a certain requirement, but dont have an idea on budget.
Hi Bert, thanks for your review.
The system is carefully tested to avoid this kind of issues. The average build time is below 1 second.
The activity history of the database doesn’t show anything that could be associated to what you described here. Could you kindly provide me more details about the parameters you used (budget and use scenario)?

About “All prices includes GST”, thanks for pointing that, I’ve followed the guidelines from the ACCC and it was meant to be clear to customer, but now that you mention that I’ll add it to the things to check with my accountant this week. In the meantime I’ll remove it.

I plan to finish adding descriptions to all products within the two weeks. The introduction of new products and the size of the database made this quite a considerable effort :)
The upgrade options are indeed thought for a more knowledgeable user the way these are implemented now. Craig’s solution would make these much more “newbie friendly”.

In my experiences, users that have precise tasks in mind already have an estimated budget too.
Unluckily for me I never met someone that said “I want a spaceship under my desk, no matter how much it will cost!”

Gizmo, post: 200032 wrote:
I agree with the above.
I suggest your home page provide more information as people coming here may have different needs.

I suspect your current home page is more of a call to action. Get your audience to go to this page from either marketing material or advertisements and your new home page.

IncredibleCo, post: 200029 wrote:
I visited your site and had no idea what you were offering or do. There was just a slider asking for budget. I clicked on your about us page for some insight and the first line said:

“Lion IT is a dream born from a common necessity”

After that I closed your website – still no idea what you do…

Hi Gizmo and Incredible Co.
Yes, all sales to my website are brought by mouth of word or advertisement.
I’ve consciously skipped SEO optimization and a “proper” landing page, however I’m considering the idea of implementing a landing page to better guide customers.

I’ll think about a more effective wording for the About us page.

Craig.Smith, post: 199911 wrote:
Two more things I thought of is:

1) Look into upselling, such as a user my try a budget of $2000, return the optimised machine for that budget. But also provide 1 or more better options such as spend $200 more and you will get 30% more disk space, 10% better performance etc.

2) Comparisons. Users will want to compare several different results such as the difference between budgets. Maybe have an option so the user can store a result into a collection and provide a comparison page to compare 2 or more results in tabular form and the difference in layman terms.

Both are valuable suggestions. I especially like the one about upselling, I will think at something basing on your suggestions.

Thank you all for your precious opinions! Please, keep these coming!