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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi There,

Thought I’d jump in and give you a few pieces of feedback.

It’s not directly clear what you sell upon landing. Many people wouldn’t know exactly what they are by the information you’ve provided in the slider.

Your urls aren’t great in terms of SEO optimisation. “Collections” doesn’t mean much in terms of what you’re selling and the same goes for “Products” but there might be some keywords that it still benefits.


In terms of the products I’d like to sell the benefits a bit more, you mention it will charge 2 – 3 phones but what kind of time doesn’t it take. Is it all day or just an hour of charging?

Be good to see your add to cart button above the folder i.e so you don’t have to scroll. You could potentially look at changing the colour of the cart button too to make it stand out more.

Overall the design is nice, it looks pretty good.