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JohnW, post: 200251 wrote:
1. Design
The design is very bland – green black and white. Then your products are boring black and grey.

To attract customers, the offline retail world knows it needs to be exciting with quality design. The online retail world needs to follow the same principles. Apple anyone?

JohnW, post: 200251 wrote:
2. Security
The Internet is full of scammers and spammers.

Security is the biggest problem for new online retailers. You are going to ask us for all manner of personal details including our credit card numbers.

You don’t tell us anything about you. Your About Us and Contact pages tells us nothing. We can’t find your business name in any major directories. You look like a scammer/spammer with what is available about you on the web at present. Only a fool would give their personal information to a website with this lack of profile on the Internet.

Your site will be DEAD in 3 months (or until your money runs out) if you don’t address this issue!

3. Payment and Terms
Your accepted credit cards graphic is buried at the bottom of the page. This is critical information that needs to be above the fold on every page.

You don’t tell us your Terms of Trade. I believe it is illegal to omit this info. It certainly adds to the impression that it will be high risk to do business with you.

4. Delivery Info, Returns Policies
More mission critical information. You don’t give much and it is buried.

So important. Trust, trust and more trust is needed for small online small business.