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Jenny Spring
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Trnx, post: 199896 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Would love to hear everyones critque/feedback regarding my brand’s website: http://www.tronix.com.au

From website design, font to colour scheme or logo, would be keen to hear everyone’s opinions :D


The website is okay, but I’d like to see some clearer headline.

You’ve got a revolving image, which is not recommended as we’ve seen a decrease is conversions with these (see my blog for more info on this).

Instead of the revolving image, put your main purpose on a main image, and tell me, in 3 seconds, why I want to stay there and look further.

Remove the ‘features’ of the products, and talk about the benefit to me, of staying on your site.

One important point is your About Us page.

we buy from people we know, like and trust, and a website has to work exceptionally hard to build this rapport. The title of this page is ‘Who We Are’, yet you don’t tell me.

Tell me about yourself, why i should trust you, why I should shop with you and not all the other choices I have. And no, price isn’t the only consideration.

Good Luck.