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bennygill, post: 200028 wrote:
Can anyone recommend a reliable and cheap logistics (sea freight) service?

I’m importing full 20′ and 40′ containers from China to Sydney. I need a company that can handle everything (custom clearance, delivery, etc) with minimal screw ups and competitive price.

Do you have any recommendations?

Hi Benny,

We usually work with projects like this. We pretty much do the whole logistics planning and coordination with the different suppliers to ensure that the costs are kept to a minimum.

For UK & Australia we can get the goods delivered right to your door. We also do consolidation of goods in China from multiple suppliers to cut your logistics costs. We have several clients in UK & Australia & are always happy to provide relevant references.

If you could send me more details of your shipments, I would be happy to send you more specific information on how this service works.