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John Romaine
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A couple of things here…

1. Private blog networks still work.
2. There is risk involved
3. Providing link building reports to clients is for the most part going to be an enormous waste of time. Most clients would be totally clueless about what a link means and the site it’s been built on.
4. Work with a reputable company that does manual link building (and doesn’t use PBN’s) and you won’t have to worry.
5. Again, you get what you pay for. $399 a month for PBN links, and you could end up crying in your cornflakes tomorrow morning.
6. Much of this is nothing more than “scare mongering” by the big wigs. It is almost virtually impossible for Google to differentiate a natural site, to a well constructed PBN property. It’s the low level stuff they will hit first, the other stuff will continue to chug along.
7. What is the true definition of a PBN? Interlinking sites for the sole purpose of improved rankings? If that’s the case then Fairfax Media should be penalised too, as ALL of their sites are interlinked.

Certainly makes for an interesting discussion.