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Our audit software has assisted many clients in identifying shady back link profiles and in most cases it really isn’t rocket science.

In a few scenarios the client was fortunate enough that their old or current SEO had control over the private sites and able to remove the links.

While there are website networks you would want to avoid, if your links have a natural profile and come from varied and relevant websites any links from not so great websites should have a minimal negative impact.

However having a heap of links from single websites is a recipe for disaster as when they get found out, so do you!

Regarding auditing of links, receiving link reports from your provider wont always show problems. These become more evident when comparing ALL links as opposed to this months links – and while a good free resource, Google webmaster tools wont show you all your links. An interesting approach here is are you paying for links or results? As its more complex than x amount of links equals y.

Auditing links however is vital and an area where automation and software can shed the light on potential problems that can be put forward to your provider and reviewed further.

You need to know that your link profile/footprint is healthy and not jeopardising your future exposure/revenue. This is made easier when you can group links by;

  • Where are they coming from as in website,
  • What IP address are links coming from (helps identify link networks-sites hosted by the same provider)
  • What is the link text saying (lack of diversity is dangerous even if they are coming from unique websites)
  • What is the content theme of the linking page (links coming from sites that have no relevance to you are typically given less weight)
  • etc.

This information can easily be seen independent of your SEO provider and in many occasions allow you to stop and correct before Google finds these, assess them further and/or penalises you automatically or manually.