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There are a lot of these businesses out there, but I would not call them a business, more of a side project. But if done right you can make a living out of setting these up.

First its not your traffic, so you need to create your own site and see if you can convert that traffic your to your site. Then try and understand your audience, and what products they will be interested in. Plus try and diversify your traffic source, ie also look into pinterest and facebook etc.

Then go on to any of the affiliate sites and find a product that you think you can sell to your traffic.

If you are getting good traffic to your website create a blog on a topic your audience would tune into. It does not need to be high in content as your topic is a very graphic medium. Try and convert your traffic to your blog into a mailing list and setup a newsletter.. Build your email list and sell advertising in both the newsletter and on your blog..

On a side note, will instagram be happy with you posting other peoples photo’s. Aren’t you meant to be sharing your own photo’s on there?