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Adam Hodgson
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Hi Jack,

Social media is powerful. Instagram is a great marketing tool, however businesses are still working out how to make it work as part of their advertising mix. Likewise, publishers like yourself are looking for ideas on how to make money from their audience. If you have 4000 real followers who are interested in your niche then there is value and particularly if it continues to grow at that rapid rate. The value is your audience not the actual pictures.

So, I think you are asking for ideas on how to make money given that you have a rapidly growing audience.

I will put aside issues of copyright (but you should consider these).

First, you should consider your audience. Probably males, but get as much information on their demographics as you can. You will need be able to convince the advertisers that you have REAL followers because it is too easy to get the fake ones.

My company provides a platform to buy and sell digital advertising http://www.phigit.com however, we would not accept this type of account because of the issues others mentioned.