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Thanks for the heads up ( also to John Debrincat) … I did see a mention in a news feed somewhere but hadn’t fully followed up till I saw this post.

I’m working with bash on a daily basis, so it’s got my attention.

Could be a few “gotcha’s” for those that have no idea what it is, or how widely used it is.

It still seems unclear what some of the ramifications are, but I did notice Redhat have issued a patch (several in fact), which makes me feel a little better as I deploy on their Openshift platform.

I haven’t checked yet which version is on my Mac running Lion, but the one running Mavericks has a version that seems to be OK (not listed as vulnerable).

I’d say the major Linux distro’s would be all over it by now?

More homework needed I think, my whole development environment relies on it … bugger.



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